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game for kids

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About App

The Spell Master Android app is designed specifically for young kids who are adept at identifying pictures but need to work on spellings of those words. The app is very cheerful and easy to use with simple navigation and lots of ways to get help. This is one of the best free English spelling games for kids.

Why your kid
needs this app

The Spell Master app keeps them interested to learn new words everyday


Attractive UI/ UX

The app looks and feels so vibrant and fresh that it hold their concentration for longer

Easy to learn

The words in app are a good mix of easy and difficult so your kids stay challenged & interested

Sensorial development

Kids learn to identify objects & then spell & pronounce words for all round development

Learning is Fun
with Spell Master

The Spell Master app is especially recommended for 5-10 year old kids who need support in enhancing their English vocabulary by letting them learn words from different categories like Animals, Colors, Fruits, etc.

Best App


Spell Master App for Kids is a fun-filled, pretty and easy to use app that your kids will love to play with. Here are just some of the cool features its offers


Absolutely free to use & play


Different categories enhance your child’s vocabulary across multiple areas


Lively, cheerful pictures to attract kids’ attention


Audio/ visual indicators for correct/ incorrect answers


Available for both Android and iOS phones


Helps kids guess themselves or take hints to find correct answers

Gift a learning opportunity to your child today by downloading this FREE app from Google Play or Apple App Store


Your kids will love the colourful illustrations and make constructive use of their game time by learning so many things from the app